Yellow Sapphire Stone Price Guide

Time and again, our astrologers have shown us the importance of gems in our tantra and astrological stars. In all the glittery little pieces of earth, one name that strikes in mind is Yellow Sapphire. A beautiful, light emitting yellow goodness filled with a heaven of cosmic powers, yellow gem is considered to be a man’s friend. Not only does it emotionally support an individual’s wellbeing, but also it is quite budget friendly. It will not at all cost you a kidney to fetch all the powers it has to offer you unlike the other gemstones. The brilliance of the yellow colour hue is a legit thing to consider. Undoubtedly, they are the most sought after gems; most brides want their engagements rings to adorn on their fingers. Mostly worn as pendants or rings, these gems look beautiful no matter what the colour or authenticity implies. Often people buy the yellow sapphire not due to its efficient hosting of wellbeing and wisdom for an individual but because its looks are mesmerizing as is and how in no time it has become a part of one’s glamourous life.

The price range offered for this gem is quite varied owing to its originality, from the place of its procurement and the how many carats you want to invest in.

Let’s find out the factors that affect the price of Yellow Sapphire gemstones:

1) The yellow colour of the gem varies from a shallow light yellow to a vibrant dark yellow almost mimicking the bright sunshine.

2) The more the vibrant the colour of the gem, the more valuable and priceworthy it becomes. Although it is equally contradictory to say that more the inclusions and gas bubbles within the gem, the more are the chances of it being an authentic and real gem. And at the same time the price range too is quite high of such a gem.

3) A stone’s cut also plays an important role in gaining its price value.

4) If a yellow sapphirehas around cut, it exposes 58 faces of the gem which lend it the beauty. It is the most expensive of all the other cuts.

5) The other cuts in which the gem is available are princess cut, emerald cut, oval shaped, pear shaped, heart shaped, cushion shaped.

6) The yellow sapphire procured from Russian mines is known to the most costly ones. And those from Brazil, Rhodesia, Sri lanka, Japan, Mexico are a bit less expensive and much pocket friendly.

7) In India the cost of the Yellow Sapphire starts from Rs. 8,000/- to Rs. 20,000 and goes above as the factors of an authentic gem comes into play.


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