How to Wear Yellow Sapphire Stone?

Yellow sapphire also known as pukhraj / GuruRatna, is the representative of the planet Jupiter. This planet is fondly called teacher of all the other planets in the universe.Being the medium of education, health, wealth and fortune, this planet showers and blesses with all its might.

The astrologers worldwide believe that any gem before wearing should go through an intense process of rituals. These rituals are necessary to make the gems work to their utmost capacity.

In the case of yellow sapphire, it is important to wear it at an auspicious day suitable for it to augment its benefits.

1) The day that is the most suitable for the yellow sapphire to affiliate its properties is Thursday. On a Thursday early morning , the gem should be kept in a glass or a ceramic vessel with some honey, clarified butter, also known as ghee, curd and purified water( in India it is respectfully called as Gangajal. The gem has to be dipped in this mixture for about 30 minutes. After which it gets purified.

2) Minimum of 3-4 carats weight of the gem is known to produce its effects. Yellow sapphire can either be made into a ring or a pendent for its wearer. Lesser weight than this is equivalent to not getting any result at all.

3) On a yellowaasan before a Jupiter yantra, wearing yellow clothes (attract positive energies from the planet Jupiter) on a Thursday morning in shuklapaksha, the gem should be cleaned with a clean water or Ganga Jal, and then worn in the index finger of your working hand.

4) One should chant a mantra which will help in enhancing the procedure of activation of the gem.

Or alternatively one can recite this mantra too ॐ ब्रह्म ब्रह्स्प्तिये नम:

5) The mantra recitation should be error free and should be spoken at once to get the maximum benefit of the gem.

6) Importance of this mantra: chanting this mantra grants its devotees prosperity in life, self-confidence, excellence in education (very helpful for students), success and promotions in business dealings and in the work place.

7) After reciting the mantra for 108 times, one should wear it with the whole heart indulged and involved in the positivity making him the repository of all benevolent blessings by the Lord. The effects one is going to experience during the period it is enchanting and blissful. One should donate saffron, turmeric and sugar on this day.

8) Also people nourish a myth regarding the gem when they wear it. They think that gems continue to work for them for as long as they wish it to. But in reality this is not true. Each gem has a life span after which the effects start to mitigate or sometimes even reciprocate. It is always better to discard the gem after a certain period of time. Because the heavy price that they have paid for the gem, people develop a false understanding that the gem will work for them for the whole life. But certainly this isn’t true. One should throw it away as soon it reaches its shelf life.

9) For the yellow sapphire, its life span is 4 years maximum. Beyond which it doesn’t work and sometimes may even produce malefic results for its receptors.

10) So it is very essential for the devotees to wear the yellow sapphire gem with all honesty and a positive aura to make it work and to receive blessings from the preceptor planet i.e. Jupiter and blissful life will become his own.


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