Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow Sapphire, also known as pukhraj ,is yet another close cousin of the Blue Sapphire, being from the family of the mineral Corundum. This sun-kissed gem gains its cosmic energy from the planet Jupiter, also known as Brihaspati in the hindu astrology.

Jupiter is one planet which becomes the receiver of all the negative impact that was in reality meant to harm the Earth owing to its immense gravitational forces which are stronger and powerful as compared to the later.

As such gemstones do not possess any strength or magical power of their own, but in astrology, it is said that they are just mediums to make a human realize what and why a particular circumstance come in his life. It’s a ripple effect. What you sow, so will you reap and this cycle goes on and on rippling all positive and negative emotions. These gems just drinks away all the past negative karmas that were once a part of you helping you to redeem your present and future karmas.

Mother earth has many minerals in its womb, out of these, some inorganic minerals which become solid like a stone, and shine, owing to their crystalline structure in three dimensions, become these beautiful dazzling gems.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj Stone Benefits:

1) Yellow Sapphire is known and hyped in the world of astrology due to its properties of wisdom and fortune. It is a gem which fosters certainness in one’s wealth. It swipes all the evidences on precarious ways of living.

2) The yellow gem brings not only wealth, but a sane and clear mind to master the use of that wealth; it helps in focusing on positive things in life rather than piquing into unnecessary matters.

3) Making useful and powerful decisions is also another aspect by which one can benefit from wearing this gem.

4) As a matter of fact, this stone bestows unmarried women with a nice life partner. So, the girls who are looking forward to a healthy, happy and a prosperous married life, this giant and loving planet helps you in your endeavors. Such a woman should wear yellow sapphire in order to get a perfect soul mate for her.

5) Career wise, this stone has proved to be very giving and kind. That is, it helps in a successful career in the field of acting, accounting, and government services.

6) The suitableness of the energies received by Jupiter helps in pushing off the negativity and pulling towards the positivity.

7) All the negative emotions are drained off by wearing this stone, letting in positivity fill the entire space.

8) Ayurveda has proved scientifically the enormous benefits one can gain from wearing the Yellow Sapphire.

9) Receiving direct energy from the planet Jupiter, also known as the teacher of all the planets, it has visible effects on a person’s health who wears it.

10) The gem helps in curing liver incompatibilities such as jaundice, also kidney problems are taken care of.

11) Problems related to ears, nose or throat all can be cured by wearing this gem.

12) Joint disease of all types, that is rheumatoid arthritis, gout or osteoporosis are all taken care of by this yellow gem. Joint pains of arms, legs, shoulders, hips and knees receive a healing energy by the Jupiter through the medium of the Yellow Sapphire.

13) Lung diseases such as mild or moderate cough, TB or pneumonia are benefited too.

14) Acute problems such as piles and fissures can easily get through by wearing this gem.

15) One will find relief in body pain and toothaches too

16) Foul odor from the mouth can be cured by keeping a piece of thid gem in the mouth for a few minutes.

17) When a person is all disease free and anxiety free, he can think positively and high orderly, not only for himself but for the benefits of others as well.

All in all, Yellow Sapphire is a gem that build up a person’s self-esteem by releasing all the emotional blockages and opening all the valves to letting the positivity and fortune that waits for him with open arms.


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